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Introducing a Revolutionary Technology Solution for Premium Hotels

An Australian owned and operated start-up, Tapendium was created in 2018 with its founders recognising that the static nature of guest communication and printed processes in hotels were extremely limiting.

Locking in Samsung as their technology partner, market leading tablets became the hardware platform for Tapendium and the company set to work on a software solution to complete the package. Within two years the goal of developing a user friendly, cloud based, scalable, customisable solution was achieved.

After successful local trials in Melbourne, Tapendium officially launched with its first customers across Australia. Shortly thereafter its global roll out began, launching in South East Asia with hotels in Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Agents have also been appointed in UK, US, Canada and Europe, with more regions to follow.

Benie & Tapendium, the perfect match.

Turn any screen into a dynamic digital sign with benie, an easy to use, cloud based, digital signage solution. benie ensures brand consistency across all digital touch points. Centrally control and manage promotions from any remote location through your internet connection, whilst still having content published locally as desired. Garner key customer insights through analytics and schedule your digital display to start & end based on known customer trends. Now, combine the power of benie with the power of Tapendium.

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More than just a Hospitality Technology Solution.

Tapendium is the solution hotels have been looking for. It brings them up to speed with digital transformation and solves a number of key challenges in the hospitality space with its key value drivers being revenue up, costs down and increased guest satisfaction.

High rates of technological disruption and digital savvy consumers has forced the hospitality industry to evolve. Hotels can no longer ignore that the 2.4 billion smart-phones in the World reveal their customers’ need for information in the palm of their hands at all times. The “service economy” is now at the touch of a finger with unprecedented demand for convenience, customisation, instant gratification and intuitive customer experiences. Digital transformation is as much about meeting guest expectations as it is about harnessing the power of technology to streamline operations. Through technology innovations, our company works to solve key challenges within the

hotel environment, including decreasing margins due to OTA’s and better promotion of on-premise services to claw back profits. Replacing printed compendiums in every room is the logical first step. Tapendium eliminates expensive print runs and provides a more flexible solution capable of real-time updates and customised guest messaging. Tapendium’s technology partnership with Samsung secured best in class tablets that are easy to use and interactive, allowing us to focus on developing a world-class software solution to complete the package. Today, fully customisable features that align with the hotel brand and deliver unique content based on our hotel clients’ objectives, as well as built-in language translation capabilities make it an appealing option for up-scale hotels around the world.


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