If you are an independent hotel owner or operator in Australia, with an aggregated turnover of less than $500 million, you can claim an Instant Asset Write Off of up to $150,000 till end of December 2020. This means you should seriously consider investing in upgrading the guest management technology in your hotels right now.

Enhancing guest experience through technology is one of the cornerstones of competitive advantages. Numerous research and surveys have pointed to discerning guests favouring staying in a hotel with smart features, especially digital in room services. Guests desire digitised services that put them in control of their stay, providing them greater efficiency, convenience and post COVID-19, highly sanitised experiences. More than ever, hotels need to invest in solutions that inspire guest confidence that their rooms and facilities are safe and clean. Standard in-room facilities like TV remotes and analog phones with buttons are harder to clean that flat surfaces. Replacing them with tablets that provide integrated services and can be thoroughly sanitised (and easily labelled when the product was last sanitized) is the best way forward.

This was one of the key reasons several prominent hotels have recently chosen to install Tapendium’s in-room digital solution to enhance their guest experiences – The Fullerton Hotel Sydney, Little National Hotel Canberra and Mayfair Hotel Adelaide being some of them. As one of the new Tapendium hoteliers commented – “In-room paper is completely removed through the adoption of an in-room tablet device which will run Tapendium, a digital concierge which will allow guests to make dining reservations, book a spa treatment, hail a taxi or arrange a laundry pick-up service”.

It is a win-win situation where you can avail the tax break to cover the upfront Capex costs of installing new technology and are able to install it during a quiet period without disruption to business as usual. There is no application required for this deduction – the write-off is applied when you lodge your taxes. What’s more, even the largest hotels can be fully installed in a matter of days, and your hotel team and guests will be using and enjoying Tapendium like professionals from day one. Be ready to deliver incredible guest experiences when (and not if!) the guests return to your doors.

Tapendium is an exciting, new hospitality solution that replaces printed compendiums, entertainment unit remotes and analog phones in hotel rooms. Our integrated software on the latest Samsung tablets is customised to align with the hotel brand and deliver unique content based on the hotel’s services. The result is a highly engaging, interactive guest experience.