Samsung Tablets

Best in class mobile solution

Tapendium’s partnership with the World’s leading electronics manufacturer, Samsung, gives hotels the option of 8 or 10 inch tablets, as well as waterproof and drop proof options. Our devices operate wirelessly on both 4G and Wi-Fi, as required. Samsung Galaxy Tablets give Tapendium the best hardware in the industry.

Content Management System

Simply manage, control and update

Tapendium’s web based content management system is easy to access, navigate and manage, and has been designed to make it simple for non-IT, hotel personnel to refresh content. Existing content modules can be updated and new information published instantly to all tablets throughout the hotel. Guest messaging allows a direct line of communication between the hotel and its guests. The detailed user permission system enables operators to give appropriate access to relevant team members.

Mobile Device Management & Control

Protecting the hotel’s critical assets

The Tapendium solution utilises Samsung Knox® Security Platform to provide efficient, safe device management and customisation. Configuration guarantees Tapendium tablets are in a known state at all times without risk of improper or unauthorised use. Software updates for Android and Tapendium are centrally managed and controlled.

Third Party Integration/API’s

Streamlining hotel workflow

Whilst able to operate independently of existing hotel solutions, Tapendium can be integrated with a range of hotel management systems, such as POS, PMS, operational management, 3rd party media & entertainment, room control systems, and more.

AWS Cloud Hosting

Highly available and scalable

Amazon (AWS) provides Tapendium with very high levels of core system availability and scalability. AWS means that no onsite infrastructure is required once tablets are connected to the hotel’s in-house Wi-Fi network. Leveraging AWS reporting and analytic capabilities enables hotel management to access reports and insights in real time.


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