Room Service

Guests view the hotel’s menus with descriptions, nutritional information and photographs on all menu items. Time specific menus, such as breakfast or late night menus, can be hidden outside ordering times. Customise with side dishes, food/drink pairing and other recommendations. When a guest places an order, direct messages can communicate confirmation and time to delivery.

Multi-language Support

Tapendium can be customised to all languages and can feature an unlimited number of language translations. Guests select their preferred language on the start page. As per the hotel’s requirements, some or all of the modules will be presented in the guest’s chosen language. Content with translation capability is easily updated by Hotel staff or by the Tapendium Support team.

Guest Services

Guests can book hotel services, such as retrieve their car from valet parking, request extra towels from housekeeping or order custom pillows from a pillow menu, directly from the Tapendium in their room. Pre-booking services is also possible through this Tapendium module, all requests then accessed by the relevant hotel operations team via the browser based administration portal or phone app.


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